There's a lot to know about Wisdom 2.0.

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Questions about Wisdom 2.0 2020 San Francisco

When/where will Wisdom 2.0 2020 be held?
If I have volunteered in years past, do I need to fill out a volunteer application? 
What is a Work Exchange Volunteer and how does it work?
How do I become a Work Exchange Volunteer?
Is there someone I can contact regarding the status of my volunteer application? 
How can I apply for a scholarship?
How can I transfer my ticket to a friend/colleague? 
How will you communicate event updates to attendees? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at each annual conference?
Can I see videos from previous conferences?
Do you plan to hold conferences in other cities?
(My boss and) I would like to know how my attendance at your events will relate to the work I do.

Get Involved in Wisdom 2.0

How can I get a press pass to cover Wisdom 2.0?
How can I become a sponsor or partner?
How can I become a Work Exchange Volunteer at Wisdom 2.0 events?
How can I be, or nominate someone else to be, a speaker at Wisdom 2.0?