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Questions about Wisdom 2.0 2017 San Francisco

When will Wisdom 2.0 2017 be held and when do ticket sales begin? 
What will the program look like this year? 
How will you communicate event updates to attendees? 
How can I apply for a scholarship?
How do I become a volunteer?
If I have volunteered in years past, do I need to fill out a volunteer application? 
Is there someone I can contact regarding the status of my volunteer application? 
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
What is your refund/cancellation policy? 
Can I lead a breakout session? 
What is the People’s Stage and how can I apply? 
What is attire for this event?

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at each conference?
Can I see videos from previous conferences?
Do you plan to hold conferences in other cities?
(My boss and) I would like to know how my attendance at your events will relate to the work I do.

Get Involved in Wisdom 2.0

How can I get a press pass to cover Wisdom 2.0?
How can I become a sponsor or partner?
How can I become a volunteer at Wisdom 2.0 events?
How can I be, or nominate someone else to be, a speaker at Wisdom 2.0?

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