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Emily Lane

Founder, Conscious Leaders Academy

Emily Lane is a speaker, teacher, coach and conscious entrepreneur. After more than 20 years in business (ten years immersed in personal development, training and wellbeing), Emily founded the Conscious Leaders Academy. Committed to becoming the world's premier empowerment hub for Conscious Leaders, the Academy provides tools and trainings to fortify these leading edge change- makers, enabling them to experience deep alignment and personal power. You can connect with her here: www.consciousleadersacademy.com

Emily has more than 20 years experience in the business world. More than a decade of this has been spent in personal development and wellbeing. This culminated in heading up the global coaching function for one of the world’s largest personal development companies prior to founding the Academy. At a critical crossroads in her life, a near death experience prompted her to radically review how she was operating in the world and inspired her to map out a direction that allowed the gradual emergence of conscious leadership in her own life. She is now an enthusiastic and energetic supporter of all things that empower conscious leaders worldwide, including Wisdom 2.0!


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