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Dr. Sophie H. Janicke

Researcher, Chapman University & Co-founder, Ecology of Technology Movement

Sophie H. Janicke, Ph.D. is a researcher, teacher and innovator who investigates the role that new and traditional media play in promoting well-being with the goal to educate and build solutions on how to optimize people’s technology saturized lives. She is a psychologist with a Ph.D. in Media Psychology and has worked in academia for over 6 years. Her innovative academic work on the positive effects of media is published in peer-reviewed journals as well as in the popular press (i.e., Greater Good Science Center, The Good News Network, Yes Magazine). Besides her work as an Assistant Professor at Chapman University, she is founder of Rewire Happiness, the #RealBreak community and Co-Founder of the Ecology of Technology Movement and she implements workshops on mindfulness and work-life balance at the university and other business settings. Her areas of expertise include positive psychology, media psychology, mindfulness, technology, higher education, personal/professional development and well-being.

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