Greg Lim-Lange

Clinical Psychologist, Senior Lecturer, University of Singapore

Gregor Lim-Lange is an expert on clinical psychology, social emotional intelligence and mindfulness, the co-founder of Forest Wolf and a Senior Lecturer at the National University of Singapore’s Psychology department.

During Greg's 8-year tenure at the Department of Psychology, he taught and supervised clinical psychology students, and developed the ‘Introduction to Clinical Psychology’ and ‘Mindful Psychology’ modules. He then joined the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates as its Head of Learning and Development, and co-developed the Roots & Wings programme based on Social Emotional Learning, Neuroscience and Leadership research.

Greg delights in designing innovative curricula and programmes, researching outcomes and working with individuals, leaders, couples and families. He is also a highly sought after educator, psychotherapist, and mindfulness teacher. He is also the co-editor of Clinical Psychology in Singapore and the co-author of Mindsets & Meaning.

Greg is a true citizen of the world, being a German-born, Irish- and American-trained clinical psychologist who has extensive work experience in America, Europe, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore. He brings a wealth of cultural intelligence, sensitivity and mindfulness to the field of psychology and is passionate about shifting mass consciousness. Learn more at: Forest Wolf Consulting

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