Heather Gallagher

Director of Technology, Burning Man

CG is a multi-dimensional dynamo who defies traditional explanations and expectations. She is a recovered corporate consultant with a Master’s in Computer Science, 25 years of professional geekery, and a many more talents tucked under her rhinestone-studded belt. She first stepped into Black Rock City in 2000 and, in many ways, has not left it since. First dubbed CameraGirl in 2001, she began a 7-year volunteer stint as one of Burning Man’s internal paparazzi and later as the Photo Editor for burningman.com. CalendarGirl emerged in 2003, and has co-produced each of the beautiful Burning Man Wall Calendars ever since. In 2004, ComputerGeek began leading Burning Man Technology, where she leverages her technical knowledge and experiences, cat herding abilities, and special powers to bring some method to the madness. Her conservative East Coast family wasn’t certain about all this at first, but they have since experienced the magic of Black Rock City, and have become used to her super hi-fi color-shifting dreadlocks, constant colorful creativity, and lifelong costume addiction (warning: colors and costumes may change often, and without notice).

In between meetings, deadlines, press-checks, and a month on the playa each year working in service to Burning Man and our community, ConsciousGirl tends to her inner-self by practicing meditation, yoga, and pilates, and through her study of ancient and modern wisdom systems such as yoga philosophy, Kashmir Shaivism, Tantra, Celtic priestess, astrology, somatics, quantum theory and the nature of consciousness, for starters. Heather is a Scorpio in Leo rising, born on Halloween, with 5 planets in Scorpio. So her evolution into being such a CosmicGirl was written by the stars.

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