Anna Kawar

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Leading Through Connection

Anna is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer for Leading Through Connection (LTC), an organization that studies and provides methods to instill a Connective Mindset™ and habits for connection. Most learning opportunities that exist for leaders today are focused on tools and frameworks without doing crucial inner work. LTC, however, is based on the premise that connection to self and others is fundamental to effective leadership.

Anna learned this lesson herself after working for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching — organizations dedicated to helping leaders transform educational and healthcare systems and improve outcomes. In working with over 1,000 leaders and 100 teams to help realize the promises of their organizations for the people they serve, she learned that the most successful leaders didn't just implement tools and frameworks; they also experienced a deep shift in mindset and disposition — embracing humility, vulnerability, curiosity, and a deep respect and care for those they worked with and for. She now studies how to make that transformation come alive in a systematic way.

Anna holds a BA in public health from Cornell University and an MBA/MPP from Duke University. After growing up across the Middle East, Europe, and U.S., she now lives in the Bay Area, California and spends her free time hosting friends, helping her husband rebuild engines, traveling to new countries, and enjoying #vanlife. 

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