Jeff Smith

Chief Operating Officer at Mobify & Author of

Jeff is the COO at Mobify, a global leader in mobile-first e-commerce. He also writes about leadership, coaching and personal development at His diverse professional background spans sales, finance and operational roles across industries from helicopters to software. He also has extensive non-profit experience, with 18 years of service as a Director on the Board of prominent Canadian charities.

Jeff’s personal mission is to encourage and empower millions of leaders to support their teams and activate global change. He is an ICF certified coach who truly puts the Executive in Executive Coach. He teaches yoga and adapts ancient wisdom gleaned from his daily practice into practical leadership techniques. His approach helps people grow, often beyond what they themselves think is even possible.

Jeff can help you transform your organization by establishing a performance-based culture that has high employee engagement. Every team he’s led increased employee engagement, sometimes by as much as 50% despite challenging circumstances. He attributes this success to seeing ‘Supporting Lines, not Reporting Lines’ when he looks at an organizational chart.  

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