Ashley Graber

Psychotherapist, Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Educator and Curriculum Director for Evenflow Meditation App

After 15 years working in commercial real estate, Ashley Graber changed the direction of her life from the business world to the world of Psychology and Meditation & Mindfulness. Ashley is a licensed psychotherapist, a certified mindfulness & meditation educator and Curriculum Director at Evenflow Meditation App. Ashley co-wrote and runs the Families Mindfulness program at The Center for Mindful Living and teaches meditation and mindfulness at schools in Bel Air and Santa Monica, CA. Ashley also runs meditation groups at local drug and alcohol intensive outpatient programs. Ashley is sharing her love of psychotherapy and meditation with the world on her meditation app called Evenflow, she is in private practice at Yale Street Therapy in Santa Monica, CA and is currently writing a book on how to bring mindfulness & meditation practices into the family.

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