Akinori Utsumi

Head of the Institute of Kanjutsu Research

Akinori Utsumi is the head of the Institute of Kanjutsu Research and the top lecturer of Ninshiki Technology. After graduating from Tsukuba University, majoring in International Relations, he enrolled in Political Philosophy in Kyoto University Graduate School. However, after the 9/11 attacks, he withdrew from the school, being urged to raise an alarm over the need of paradigm shift in human society.

In the course of seeking an absolute solution, he met Jesu Noh, who had found the secret of the universe, which is translated into the most beautiful equation, 0=∞=1. Ninshiki Technology, a uniquely formulated educational system based on this equation, is the outcome of their handwork over many years. Akinori is willing to share with the world this whole new form of human wisdom.

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