Orland Bishop

Founder & Executive Director, Shadetree Multicultural Foundation

I live in Los Angeles and work within a global social network of individuals and agencies engaged with the of Ecology of Nature and Human Consciousness within the realms of life and death. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Shadetree Multicultural Foundation, a Los Angeles based social agency focused on youth development and social capital development. Through the Shadetree Network of initiatives, we serve in the development of peace processes for urban conflicts, capacity building for economic enterprises in communities and cities, systemic and collaborative leadership development and creating frameworks for emerging economies.
Since 2002, I been serving as the Presiding Priest of the Aquarian Gospel Temple, founded in 1941 in the City of Los Angeles which supports independent Spiritual Science Research within the US, Africa and some other countries linked to our global networks. I am passionate about the power of agreements and intentions for a shared reality among Human Communities.

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