Logan Ury

Writer, Researcher, Dating Coach

Logan Ury is a writer, researcher, and dating coach, who applies insights from behavioral science to help people create more meaningful romantic relationships. She was a 2018 TED Resident.

Logan is currently writing a book with Simon & Schuster on on how to make better decisions in romantic relationships.

She formerly ran the Irrational Lab, Google’s behavioral economics team, alongside Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational.

She's given a TED talk, led workshops at General Assembly, published a Valentine's Day article in TIME, and spoken twice at SXSW. Her interview series “Talks at Google: Modern Romance,” where she speaks with world-renowned dating and relationship experts, earned 1M+ YouTube views. She ran “Couples Day,” an experiment in which 40 couples around the world participated in research-backed activities designed to increase connection. She’s partnered with leaders in the field of relationship science, including Esther Perel, John Gottman, Dan Ariely, and Dan Savage. She's currently conducting research on decision-making and breakups.
Learn more at www.loganury.com

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