Sara Perez Ojalvo

Director of Research & Development, Bonafide Health

Sara Perez Ojalvo is a full time scientist; her work as the Director of Research & Development focuses on managing the clinical study program for Bonafide Health and JDS Therapeutics. Over the past 7 years, Sara has been published as an author on many research articles and is an inventor on several issued patents. She enjoys working within the scientific field, designing clinical studies and creating effective products that positively impact people’s nutrition. Sara also manages her husband Diego Perez’s Yung Pueblo business.

Sara is a Vipassana meditator in the Goenka tradition, she began taking courses in 2013. Sara makes time to meditate daily and go away on a long retreat once a year because of the noticeable mental benefits the practice has given her. Sara grew up the fourth of six children, which always kept life interesting, and attended Wesleyan University where she studied Biology and developed an interest in the root causes of health and wellness.

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