What is The People's Stage Competition?

Every year, many Wisdom 2.0 participants ask how they can share their great work, insights, and presentations with our community. We are happy to announce the winners of The People's Stage for our 2018 annual conference.

The People's Stage is a series of interactive breakout sessions submitted by registered conference attendees and selected by popular community vote. The People's Stage is designed for more intimate, interactive sessions. Talks are about 20-minutes long.

The top 10 presenters on the People's Stage for February 2018 are listed below. We will let the People's Stage speakers know what the schedule is shortly.

Questions? info[at]wisdom2conference[dot]com.

  • Crossing Frontiers: Ancient Technology Powers Creativity

    Anne K Scott

    It was Einstein who said we cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that we used to create it. I want to explore what that means by looking at a specific problem or dilemna you have in your life. I will guide you to reveal the consciousness used to create the problem. Then use a simple but ancient technology to reframe the problem so that what really matters to you is apparent and next steps to create the reality you want in your life become obvious. Mastering this technology ultimately gives you the freedom to focus your energy and your gifts on creating and innovating rather than resolving the problems in your life.

  • Our Nation is SO KIND! Come hear the results of the four year comprehensive research.

    Wendi Gilbert

    Amidst all that is broken, our Nation is Kind. After 4.5 years of research on the Kindness in America, I have the data to prove it.

    Come hear about the research and the gathering of our 70 kindness leaders and
    selected college ambassadors at the Inaugural KindnessCollective here in SF in April. We will be collaborating to create the roadmap for a positive shift and launch our Nation’s KindnessEvolution.

    Please come and jump onboard the Kindness Train.


  • The Future of Happiness: Living Mindfully in the Digital Era

    Amy Blankson

    Technology - at least in theory - is improving our productivity, efficiency, and communication. Yet the ubiquity of smartphones and Internet access also coincides with historically high levels of depression and life dissatisfaction. Can our happiness, our health keep pace with the speed of innovation?

    Amy Blankson, co-founder of positive psychology research firm GoodThink, has spent the last three years researching both the positive and negative impacts of technology on happiness. As part of her research, Amy tested over 400 gadgets, apps, wearables and devices in the well-being space and devised a system to help users evaluate and meaningfully integrate technology into their personal development and positive habits. In this engaging and interactive talk, Amy will share some of these actionable strategies for living mindfully in the digital era.

  • Sustaining Empathetic Leadership: Becoming a Compassionate Witness

    Shannon Weber

    Being empathetic requires us going on a journey - to step into another’s shoes and see the world through their eyes. Being empathetic is not necessarily a first response, and it takes energy.

    To sustain an empathetic posture we must understand how to traverse empathy adventures.

    Which means: empathy alone is not enough. We also need to create a container, setting expectations and boundaries.

    When we show up or seek to create change without providing a container for the experience, we can quickly find ourselves overwhelmed, having made promises we can’t keep, and even resentful or burned out.

    From this place of overwhelm, empathy is not sustainable.

    A sustainable way forward is to reimagine ourselves as compassionate witnesses.

  • Resilience is the antidote to this increasingly chaotic world, but how to we really cultivate it?

    Ashley Graber

    There are many psychological theories and meditation practices that promise to reduce stress and bring peace, calm, and even happiness, so why are so many people still unhappy and unable to apply these practices to their daily life? Ashley’s years of meditative practice and work as a licensed marriage and family therapist have lead her to understand how the combination of meditation and psychology are the key to building resilience. When we become truly resilient we can take on our troubles because we know that we can bounce back in the face of adversity. In this engaging and interactive talk, Ashley will share simple ways to combine both meditative practices on and off the cushion and psychology to cultivate the essential skill of resilience.

  • Growing Grit and Raising Resiliency

    Christina Spragg Ph.D.

    Who is successful and why?

    Join me to explore the factors that distinguish those who want to succeed at challenging goals from those who actually do and experience proven strategies that actually grow your grit and raise your resilience.

    Here's a hint... we'll be tapping into the mind's incredible power to change the brain. In academic literature, this is referred to as self-directed neuroplasticity.

    I'll be guiding you through practices that are proven to change the brain in ways that we now know serve to increase our grit and resilience so that we will be better equipped to dig deep when the trials inevitably come and press on in service of our long term goals.

    If you could use some help in this arena please join me. Hope to see you soon!

  • Travel at Your Own Risk

    Sarah Kivel

    Sarah Kivel, Emotional Intelligence Executive Coach has lived and worked out of her Airstream trailer that she’s named Sunny for two years. She’s traveled over 75 days through 7 states. She did this because she wanted to change her life. Learn why it is far riskier to stay on the road well traveled versus taking the unknown dirt trails. Learn what it’s like to feel alive. 

  • Title: 0=∞=1, the Deepest Wisdom of Human Mind, which Reveals the Secret of the Universe

    Akinori Utsumi

    Akinori Utsumi is a lecturer and the general manager of NR Group’s new project in the U.S., NR AMERICA.
    In 1996, Jesu Noh, the chariman of NR Group, discovered the world of 0=∞=1, which is a mathematical expression of the root of the universe.

    Since then, NR Group has developed an original educational system based on Noh’s discovery, which now we call Ninshiki Technology.

    What we humankind perceive as reality is not actually reality; it is a part of a vast matrix projected through the brain.

    With Ninshiki Technology, we can understand the hidden mechanisms of the universe and acquire a new sense of turning our universe back to a complete zero-base. And the realm of meta-perception with 0=∞=1 fosters human perceptual ability, human dignity, and potentialities.

  • Supporting Lines, Not Reporting Lines - How Great Leaders Support Their Teams

    Jeff Smith

    Many people have lost faith in large organizations. But organizations have not lost their way; leaders have. Jeff Smith is COO at Mobify, a Certified Executive Coach, and the author of ChiefYogaOfficer.com. He helps leaders view the lines in their organizational chart as Supporting Lines, not Reporting Lines. Supporting Lines leadership provides the team with the support they need to be successful and, most importantly, to grow. Jeff will discuss how he helps leaders create a personal leadership vision, and establish near-term actions that help them move toward that vision. Bringing this all together, Jeff will discuss how ‘feedforward’ underpins effective service-oriented leadership through real-life examples from his 20 years of leadership in the business and nonprofit sectors. This is a session that your ‘direct supports’ will want you to attend!

Voting for the Public Stage competition has closed. Thank you, We’ll see you at Wisdom 2.0!