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Unless otherwise noted, participants are responsible for paying for their own meals.

  • Transformative Entrepreneurship as Catalyst for Change (Tommi Ullgrén)

    Restaurant: È Tutto Qua
    Seats: 10

    What's the recipe for startups that are good for society with profitable business models? Let's share thoughts about mindfulness in startup life, self-development, meaningful sci-fi technologies, impact investing, transformative business values and everything participants resonate with. As basis for discussion see:  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Consciously Courageous Corporate Women (Monique Martineau)

    Restaurant: Hilton's Urban Tavern
    Seats: 5 (plus 5 on a waitlist)

    If you are a woman employed by a large corporation and would like to connect with others like yourself, please join us! In previous years, we've had employees from Google, LinkedIn, Genentech, Oracle, and others. Prior to the conference, we email introductions to each other, which stirs excitement about the interesting, powerful women with whom we'll be creating relationships. As an Ambassador for, I'm inspired by women who are change agents for a more conscious Corporate America. (This is an alcohol-free, vendor-free conscious conversation.)
    View Dinner Here >>>

  • Mindfully Integrating Technology in Education (Morgan Harris)

    Restaurant: Gott's Roadside
    Seats: 10

    With the internet at our fingertips, teachers no longer need to be information delivery vehicles. They can, instead, act as coaches who provide personalized guidance to each student along his/her learning journey. Despite this opportunity, teachers and administrators often remain hesitant to radically reorient in the wake of technological change. The very real pitfalls of digital distraction incite a Luddite-leaning reaction, and students go through their educational journeys with minimal formal integration of the technological tools that already permeate every other aspect of their lives. How can we help schools mindfully integrate technology into their curricula to everyone's satisfaction–not just as a tool to enhance academic studies, but as an everlasting part of a mindful, integrated, fulfilling life?! View Dinner Here >>>

  • The Emergent Industry of Psychedelic Medicine (Liana Gillooly)

    Restaurant: Zingari Ristorante & Jazz Bar
    Seats: 25

    Amidst a rapidly changing social landscape, the possibility of addressing modern-day mental health challenges with psychedelics has caught widespread public attention. While medical research into psychedelic therapy gains momentum, an emergent industry is preparing for a post-prohibition world. Join MAPS staff, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, and other experts in an exploration and discussion of the role of psychedelics and their potential for healing trauma, for treating depression, for inspiring personal growth, for cultivating a sense of environmental stewardship, or for resolving global conflicts. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Digital Natives: Exploring Digital Dependency & Socialization (Marti Miles-Rosenfield)

    Restaurant: Tratto
    Seats: 11

    One of the amazing paradoxes of our time is now that our young people are more connected than ever before, they are, in many ways emotionally disconnected to an extreme. This post-millennial generation, the first group to have grown up in a fully-realized internet age, face alarming rates of anxiety, depression, and overall problems with lack of self-regulation. Counseling centers at many schools cannot handle the increased demand, leaving students to search elsewhere for private interventions. Realistically, we all know that multiple factors contribute to these near epidemic problems, but digital addiction is often accused as the main culprit. What can we do to help protect the gift of digital natives and GEN Z? Come join us for a discussion over wonderful Italian cuisine and share your thoughts on and solutions for this increasing social phenomenon. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Radical Recovery: Mindfulness & Healing from Illness (Cindy Handler)

    Restaurant: New Delhi Restaurant
    Seats: 8

    There is no question regarding the power of the mind to heal the body... and the practice of mindful and intentional self-care can shift the healing process anywhere from finding more peace and ease all the way to radical recoveries. I would like to spend an evening sharing stories and practices, and how to live of life of presence, abundance, and optimal Well-Being alongside the process of healing from illness. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Developing Wise Leaders for the Future? (Richard and Karen Wilhelm Buckley)

    Restaurant: Cafe Claude
    Seats: 8

    Join us for a vital conversation around cultivating wise leaders for the future. A lot of what's available today is based on what worked in the past. Systemic issues like climate change, require a new kind of wise leader that includes the whole person embedded in the diversity of community. We'll discover together what is missing and discuss what we've each found to be best practices and approaches. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Digital Wellness Interventions and Collaborations (Susan Reynolds)

    Restaurant: Colibri Mexican Bistro
    Seats: 14

    Calling all digital wellness professionals... authors, app builders, speakers, educators, founders, event planners and more. Let's dine together and share best practices, greatest challenges, and key interventions to enhancing our face to face relationships and in real life interactions. Do we solve the ill-effects of tech with tech? If so, how? How do we increase the quality of time online while lessening the quantity? What burning question would you like to collaborate on? Our collective minds can help us all remain human in this digital age! View Dinner Here >>>

  • Catalyzing Communities to Prevent Gun Violence (Cathy DeForest)

    Restaurant: Scala's Bistro
    Seats: 11

    Gun violence is a public health issue that is solvable through inclusive dialogue, creativity, courage and grit. This dinner will enable us to share what we are doing in our communities and brainstorm how we might collectively and individually harness the power of our creativity and breakthrough thinking to create transformative, systemic change. What we can imagine, we can create! View Dinner Here >>>

  • Bringing Mindfulness to Your Workplace (Tony Saccardi)

    Restaurant: OSHA THAI
    Seats: 10

    Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to bring mindfulness to your workplace? Join us for an in-depth conversation and group sharing about simple mindfulness practices that you can bring back to your work environment. Bring your own tips to share on how you integrate mindfulness in your organization today. Join us at one of the most beautiful and iconic location in San Francisco right next to the Ferry Building. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Feminist Meditation (Jessie Everts)

    Restaurant: Cala (woman-owned!)
    Seats: 7

    I'd like to talk with others interested in the intersection between feminism and meditation - anyone who considers themselves a practitioner of both and is interested in how they fit together. View Dinner Here >>>

  • LGBTQ Entreprenuers and Business Leaders (Barry Shaeffer)

    Restaurant: Trattoria Pinnochio
    Seats: 8

    Sharing ideas in business leadership/ownership related to empowering the LGBTQ community.  View Dinner Here >>>

  • WE, The Continuation of our Parents (Navin Amarasuriya)

    Restaurant: Simon's Place - 1005 Clayton Street
    Seats: 6

    We hold the echoes of our ancestors, and the seeds of our future generations. Parents and children of each generation have expectations of each other, our happiness is their happiness; our suffering is their suffering. Over dinner, let's share our journeys towards understanding our forefathers, with the aspiration of cultivating compassion that can change our lives. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Stillness Leadership: Cultivating Mindfulness at Work (Amy Vetter)

    Restaurant: The Daily Grill
    Seats: 8

    In this age of cut-throat work cultures and always-on, highly addictive technology, how do we as leaders practice stillness to create a culture in our workplace that is more mindful and thoughtful when collaborating and making day-to-day decisions. In this dinner, let’s come together to share our best practices for how to be more present, engaged and authentic in our work worlds. Let’s explore how we can model the benefits of being mindful and present throughout the day by taking time to be still, focusing on one task at a time, and fully engaging with the people we work with. Let’s also discuss what we can do as leaders to cultivate more mindful company cultures. As part of this, we’ll share ideas on how we can better manage and implement technology practices in our workplaces so that we can still benefit from the advantages that technology offers without losing the genuine human connection we all innately need with ourselves, our teams and colleagues. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Collective Healing for Feminine Power (Shalini Sardana)

    Restaurant: Amber India
    Seats: 6

    A lot of cultural momentum has brought us to this tipping point - when women find (or will soon find) themselves in positions of power. It is truly a historic moment. But after the celebrations fade away, reality has to be faced. The stakes couldn't be higher; the audience watching us couldn't be bigger. There are many who want women to succeed. Likewise there are many who have their doubts and some who want to see this ship crash and burn so they can say "told you so". That's just the external reality. The internal reality is that after generations of disempowerment and dismissal, there is a deep-seated sense of self-doubt and tremendous pain we as women carry in our collective consciousness. If we don't address that, if we don't provide women the spiritual tools to heal as leaders, we cannot bring sustained change. Moreover, the world is looking towards women to lead now because we need more love and nurturing, less fear and division in this world. Leading with authenticity requires knowledge of what might hold us from giving it our best, having tools to combat it and building trust in the people we lead. Did I mention the stakes are high? What are some methodologies, approaches or actionable ways we can provide spiritual healing to the feminine so they can lead authentically - as individual leaders; - as a community or collective?  View Dinner Here >>>

  • The Power of Compassion (Paloma Sainz)

    Restaurant: Colibri Mexican Bistro
    Seats: 8

    I'm traveling 2 months all around the world with 7 stops to compile the best practices of mindfulness and compassion in education to make a book, a documentary film and a set of 7 educational tools. I'd love to connect with persons involved in programs in education or who resonates and want to be part of it.  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Being a Voice of Change (Lynn Kirkham)

    Restaurant: Cesario's 
    Seats: 8

    How do we connect our voice with our passion to make a difference in the world? Let’s practice talking passions with one another, the things that naturally light us up from the inside out, that make us feel aligned and alive with purpose. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Intention: The Superpower of Better Travel (David Alport)

    Restaurant: Catered dinner at Lost Art Salon
    Seats: 10

    Travel is a pathway to transforming ourselves and our relationships ...and it's a ton of fun to boot. We’ll discuss the power of intention to provide a compass for navigating our travels. Sharing stories of travel successes (and failures!), everyone will leave dinner ready for a lifetime of ever-better journeys. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Mindful Leadership in Organizations (Keren Tsuk)

    Restaurant: URBAN TAVERN DINNER AND BAR in Hilton Hotel
    Seats: 15

    What does it mean being a mindful leader in the day to day? While working in a demanding environment, How can we cope with the day to day tensions? How can we have a meaningful and long-lasting impact that will cause a real culture change? View Dinner Here >>>

  • The Technology Promise (Sukhneet Singh Virk)

    Restaurant:  Fino Restaurante
    Seats: 7

    We've seen all kinds of promises made by technology. In some ways it's surpassed anything we could imagine. In others, it's fallen short of our dreams and visions. We'll have an open conversation about tech: what's done, and what's possible. We'll explore opportunities, limits, and what human - machine integration could look like. This is wide ranging, from business contexts, our personal lives, to applications in the natural world. The more diverse the viewpoints and experiences the better. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Exploring Experiences that Make Life Meaningful (Pax Escobar)

    Restaurant: E&O Kitchen
    Seats: 10

    To learn about how people find meaning in their lives and what experiences have supported them in their search for meaning.  View Dinner Here >>>

  • The Future of Human Connection (Kimberly Han)

    Restaurant:  Kim's house, potluck style
    Seats: 8

    What does the future of human connection look like? We all know the importance of human connection, but what are the potential dangers or blind spots? What can relationships and friendships look like for us or our children? (and what are the best/worst outcomes?) Is loneliness something good to experience? Let's get together to discuss these questions.  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Wisdom Lawyers (Ritu Goswamy, Esq.)

    Restaurant: Tratto
    Seats: 5

    Lawyers! Let's get together and talk about how incorporating mindfulness into our work can transform the profession. How can we take what we learned at the conference and apply it specifically to our day-to-day work? How can we be leaders and examples to our clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, judges, clerks, etc.? View Dinner Here >>>

  • Mindfulness at Work (Pierre Khawand)

    Restaurant: Cafe De La Presse
    Seats: 12

    How to bring mindfulness to work and therefore experience a more fulfilling workday, reduce stress, and increase engagement. What are the mindful behaviors that can make a difference at work. This is not about yoga and stopping and breathing for a few minutes, but more about the behaviors and habits that will allow us to be mindful as we do our core work and managing the complexity of today's workplace. This discussion will be about reflecting on the topic, sharing thoughts and insights, as well as stories from the trenches on what worked, what didn't, and what we can do about it! View Dinner Here >>>

  • Seattle Wisdom Community (Rick Gage)

    Restaurant: The Old Siam Thai Restaurant
    Seats: 10

    Join with other from Seattle and the Puget Sound to talk about how we carry the learnings from Wisdom 2.0 back home into our community and our local organizations. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Happiness Genius 4.0 (Anita Kumari)

    Restaurant: New Delhi Restaurant
    Seats: 30

    We would talk about how we can choose to be happy, no matter what life brings, i. e. happiness is a choice. View Dinner Here >>>

  • New Paradigms: Beyond Capitalism (Jeff Parrett)

    Restaurant: Sauce SF
    Seats: 8

    Science, Technology, Capitalism and Democracy have gotten society to where we are...and they are insufficient to meet the challenges we face. Rooted in this podcast... What new paradigms are emerging?  View Dinner Here >>>

  • HaaS & SaaS for Making Plant Medicines (Luke Pustejovsky)

    Restaurant: E&O Kitchen and Bar
    Seats: 8

    Plant medicines (cannabis, hemp, psilocybin mushrooms, etc.) are reaching a critical 'tipping point' in our culture--and producing them at scale requires new thinking around hardware and software, and a thoughtful conversation about the ethics of larger-scale production. This dinner group will combine tech geeks and consciousness explorers to discuss the possibilities. What if you could extract & synthesize ayahuasca at scale? Should you? Is it a good idea? What hardware and software would you need? Is it less sacred when you produce Master Teacher Plant experiences at volume? What comes up for you when you contemplate this idea? Excitement? Disgust?  View Dinner Here >>>

  • 20 & 30 Somethings New(ish) to the Bay Area (Eva George)

    Restaurant: Spice of America on Market St.
    Seats: 15

    We can discuss our learning over the weekend, and how the themes from Wisdom 2.0 might relate to those of us who are creating new lives here in San Francisco!  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Leadership Lessons from Career Low Points (Kenneth Berger)

    Restaurant: Foreign Cinema 
    Seats: 9

    Most people prefer talking about the high points of their career, but the most powerful lessons come from their low points. Executive coach Kenneth Berger will kick things off by telling one of the worst stories from his previous career at companies like Slack and Adobe and the hard-won leadership lesson it taught him. Then we'll go around the table so each of us can share a story, explain the lesson we took away from it, and open things up for further discussion to deepen our learning. We’ll discuss the precipitous highs and painful lows of leadership roles and report back with our discoveries from the other side.  View Dinner Here >>>