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Unless otherwise noted, participants are responsible for paying for their own meals.

  • Integrating Mindfulness into Management/Business Education (Yvonne Stedham)

    Restaurant: Roxanne's Cafe
    Seats: 10

    Combining my experience as a Professor in Business, teaching management, and a UMASS Center for Mindfulness qualified MBSR teacher I have created and have been teaching for five years an MBA course on Mindful Leadership. This course integrates components of the MBSR program into a leadership course that focuses on transformational leadership. I recently published a paper in the Journal of Management Education based on this course. I would love to discuss the idea of expanding mindfulness into management and business curricula with business practitioners and academics. A goal for this discussion would be to enhance our understanding of the need for integrating mindfulness into business education as well as of alternative processes for doing so. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Women and Embodied Leadership (Valerie Moore)

    Restaurant: Matador
    Seats: 8

    We need to talk about how we, as women, stand in our power to become the embodied leaders the world needs. After 16 years of being a leadership coach, I have insights to contribute but I'm looking forward to hearing from other badass female changemakers who want to be a part of this conversation. Connection matters, now more than ever, because as Sarah Lacy said, "The patriarchy wins when women are divided." Can't wait to meet everyone! Best, Valerie.
    View Dinner Here >>>

  • Bringing Mindfulness to Academic Settings (Tara Well)

    Restaurant: E & O Kitchen and Bar
    Seats: 11

    Let's discuss ideas on how to bring more mindfulness to academics. Teachers, professors, students and anyone interested are welcome to join us!! View Dinner Here >>>

  • Creating the Abundant Community (Sydnor Hain)

    Restaurant:  Massawa Restaurant
    Seats: 8

    This conversation will start off with the concepts discussed in the book by the same name (Block/McKnight). As we have increasingly become more dependent on corporations instead of our communities, we have also suffered the wounds of disconnection and estrangement from ourselves & each other. How can technology facilitate our recovery? In addition, these topics could not be discussed without also talking about white-dominant culture, intersectionality issues, gentrification, etc. I welcome these conversations and will co-create a structure with the group to have them in a safe way (e.g. timed shares, no cross-talk, NVC). View Dinner Here >>>

  • Culture, Optimization and Wellness for Remote Teams (Steve Rio)

    Restaurant: Kin Khao
    Seats: 10

    Over the past few years, my company has become increasingly remote and distributed. With this flexibility and freedom to work "wherever" comes a new level of responsibility and consideration for how to mindfully implement technology, process, structure and to maintain culture. I'm interested to discuss what others are doing and the challenges and opportunities people are finding in this 21st century, digital knowledge worker world. How do we keep our teams connected to the purpose of the work and to one another? How do we stay connected and productive, without overwhelming our teams with interruptions and distractions of technology? How do we create separation from our personal time when we're working from home? How do we stay focused and productive (keys to wellbeing) when so much of what we do is online. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Seattle Wisdom - Community and Connection (Stephanie Hardwick)

    Restaurant: Cityscape Bar and Lounge - Hilton
    Seats: 15

    Connect with other Seattle participants and discuss bringing higher levels of consciousness to our amazing organizations and communities. View Dinner Here >>>

  • What is a wise leader? (Robin Cangie)

    Restaurant: Zingari
    Seats: 19

    The 21st century demands a new way of thinking about work, one that values wisdom over widgets, human potential over human capital and meaning over metrics. As much as we talk about the need for innovation and new paradigms, few companies truly understand what it means to break free of outdated management structures. I believe wisdom is what's missing. In order to build wiser companies, we must start with wiser leaders. What does wise leadership look like? What is a wise leader? What can individuals and organizations do now to cultivate more wisdom among their leaders and prepare their future leaders to lead wisely. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Connection Beyond Profession (Rachel Malchow)

    Restaurant: Marrakech Restaurant
    Seats: 8

    How do we create a work environment where everyone can connect beyond the professional realm to bond with clients and colleagues, but not cross an unprofessional line with any one person?  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Explorations on Community (Peter Weng)

    Restaurant: Wonderland Restaurant
    Seats: 30

    Facilitated discussions on how we can foster and develop a sense of community within our practice groups. We will break in to tables of about 6 people per table to allow for easier discussion with a moderator at each table to help facilitate the discussion. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Empathetic Leadership (Patricia Bravo)

    Restaurant: Tratto
    Seats: 10

    Please join us to share and discuss your experiences with Empathetic Leadership in the workplace. Have you experienced Empathetic Leadership? Are you an Empathetic Leader? What role should empathy play in leadership? Look forward to hearing your perspective! View Dinner Here >>>

  • City Living: Finding peace amidst chaos (Nate Macanian)

    Restaurant: Cha-Ya Japanese
    Seats: 8

    Practicing mindfulness is hard enough as it is. In the urban jungle, it can require a superhuman effort. In this discussion, we'll share questions, insights, and ideas on how city-dwellers can stay centered and maintain a peaceful state of mind in an environment that seems to promote everything but that. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Consciously Courageous Corporate Women (Monique Martineau)

    Restaurant:  Urban Tavern, Hilton SF Union Square
    Seats: 10

    Hello, please join us if you’re a woman corporate employee. We’ll be sharing our stories and exploring feelings about and solutions for harassment, inequalities, and higher quality-of-life in corporate. Co-host Mary Keane will kick it off by sharing what’s been effective for her as a director at Oracle. Our intention is to create a sacred space by enjoying an alcohol-free conversation. We’re particularly interested in women from SF, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz for the possibility of reuniting again in the future. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Habits with a Meaning (Monica Bucci)

    Restaurant: Olea
    Seats: 18

    Habits with a meaning: a conversation on rituals and how they are key to transform stress into resilience. View Dinner Here >>>

  • The 21st Century Music Transformation (Marc Gelfo)

    Restaurant: Sheba Piano Lounge
    Seats: 8

    Music is a universal and highly transformative practice. Topics include: - The coming era of music and musicianship. - How does new tech & media relate to music making? - Opportunities to use music for social impact & individual empowerment - Emerging genres and world culture - Music & entrepreneurship, especially scalable ventures. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Quit Smoking 2.0 (Lisa Carter Berni)

    Restaurant: The Daily Grill
    Seats: 10

    The topic is how to quit smoking using the MyQuitCoach app. This is a game-changing app when used while participating in the the extraordinarily supportive and informative online community. I quit on August 10, 2017 and know it is my forever quit. I have been an active participant on the site since I quit and know the ins and outs of quitting from reading and dialoguing with hundreds of quitters. I have no connection to the Livestrong Lifestyle website, other than as a free participant. (It is all free). If you would like to check out the online community you can go to, register and then click on MyPlate (a sister app) and then Conversations and scroll down to Quit Smoking. This is a way that non-iPhone users can access the site so it is possible that the dinner topic could just be Quit Smoking 2.0. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Building a Mindful Coalition (Laurie Grossman)

    Restaurant: The Old Siam
    Seats: 10

    This is a time to discuss the possibilities that come from mindfulness practitioners joining together to bring the benefits of daily practice to millions of people. It is an exchange of ideas and best practices for working together to create a more mindful and peaceful world.  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Channeling Your Innovative Spirit (Lakshmi Jagannathan)

    Restaurant: New Delhi Restaurant 
    Seats: 10

    Channeling your Innovative Spirit Are you an entrepreneur or do you have an idea, or work for a startup? Whether you have a for-profit company or a social enterprise, how do you stay true to your values in a competitive world?Mindfulness brings perspective.Empathy and consciousness can help you stay authentic and channel your innovative spirit towards a greater good. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Slowing Down in A Fast World (Joy Khoo)

    Restaurant: Lers Ros Larkin
    Seats: 10

    Sharing on how the current fast paced environment/landscape is, the impact on personal and professional lives, what it takes to slow down and prioritize what matters. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Business Leader Activism: Choices & Outcomes (Jon Mertz)

    Restaurant: Golden Era Vegan Restaurant
    Seats: 18

    Business leaders are stepping up to social, economic, and political issues. While government leaves problems unsolved or creates new ones, business leaders understand the importance of solutions. Within this new leadership context, we will explore traits necessary for an effective activism model, the hurdles to overcome, and the impact on organizational culture. Are business leaders taking on too much or not enough? How will customers, team members, and stakeholders respond? Will community engagement increase employee engagement? Our goal is to explore and define elements and philosophies necessary to craft this new business leadership model. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Tuning into Wisdom and Intuition with Kundalini Yoga (Jodi Riviera)

    Restaurant:  Green's Restaurant
    Seats: 7

    We will explore the ways that Kundalini Yoga can enhance our visioning as entrepreneurs and beings in business. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Peace-building through mindful human connection in technology business to business (Jennifer Atla)

    Restaurant:  Americano Restaurant
    Seats: 11

    I firmly believe that we need to bring 'spaciousness' (a la Eckhart Tolle's talk at Wisdom 2.0 years ago!) to our interactions with others - allowing space for empathy and connection and still being able to disagree. I currently live out this belief by connecting Palestinian and Israel technology companies together, when it makes sense, to create space for trust-building and connection through technology problem-solving - and it works. I think this is needed in our country (US) today more than ever - and around the world. I've been 'on an island' with this belief, within my communities (as a Palestinian-American/Israeli), and decided to attend Wisdom 2.0 this year to connect with and learn from like-minded individuals living out similar missions in their ways - and would LOVE to convene people to discuss this theory of change and see what folks are up to in the US and other parts of the world, learn from each other, empower and support each other. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Extending the Sense of Self to Include Place (Jeff Kelton)

    Restaurant: FANG Restaurant
    Seats: 9

    We live an embodied existence. As such we cannot be separate from the Places we find ourselves in at each moment. Regardless of whether a place is virtual or material, human made or natural, Places impact us. Yet, how often are we awake to this. I would like to explore with you how the Power or Spirit of Places can enhance our well being and overall success in life. Can we extend our sense of self to be inclusive of a sense of Place. And how is technology enhancing or degrading this relationship to Place. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Women-Owned or Operated Conscious Companies Connect (Jeannie Jarnot + Rachel Roberts)

    Restaurant: Greens
    Seats: 8

    An evening of discussion on what it's like to be a female leader in a conscious company. Share stories, challenges, resources and support as we navigate the unique challenges of creating a net-positive, conscious business.  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Discussing Quantified Self Movement in Wearables and Self-Tracking Technologies and the Future Implications (Hong Park)

    Restaurant: Il Fornaio
    Seats: 16

    Let’s get together and talk about the current trend in wearables and Self-tracking technologies. (WSTT) Data seems integrated in every sector of our life now but we also have concerns regarding data surveillance and the ownership. Diversity is encouraged. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Beyond the Buzz Words (Hannah Knapp)

    Restaurant: Green Papaya
    Seats: 10

    How can we make mindfulness and meditation approachable for people who don't yet practice it, without losing the deeper spiritual purpose of practice? How do we talk about the mental health benefits of meditation, and help people experience those benefits, without short-changing the much more radical perspective shift that's at the heart of wisdom traditions? We'll explore what each of us has tried or seen done, what we think might be possible, and how we can partner with one another to do it. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Wisdom, Design & Coaching (Emily Tsiang)

    Restaurant:  Samovar Tea Lounge
    Seats: 10

    How might we play at the intersection of design, mindfulness and coaching? This dinner is for fellow design thinkers to meet, learn how each of us is experimenting across these disciplines, and collectively exploring future possibilities and/or partnerships. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Super Ager (Elise M. Collins)

    Restaurant: Osha Thai
    Seats: 7

    Are you an aging disruptor, on a social/political/personal level? If lifestyle accounts for 70-80% of life expectancy, how do you predict mindfulness and other lifestyle practices will affect the aging process as the entire globe ages. In 2050, there will be double the number of people over 66 and the number of centenarians in the US will grow by 800% How will you Super Age? View Dinner Here >>>

  • The Business of Mindfulness (Dorsey Standish)

    Restaurant: Oriental Pearl
    Seats: 10

    How to offer mindfulness meditation to companies and the public as a win-win proposition. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Building Bridges Across America's Divides (Donna Childress)

    Restaurant: Amber Indian Restaurant
    Seats: 8

    This gathering will encourage conversation about how to bring together, in meaningful conversation, people who differ in politics, culture, race, and age. Learn about efforts such as The People's Supper (, which in the past year prompted 1,000 privately hosted dinners nationwide, from a volunteer host who led a community supper with 35 attendees from across the political spectrum. Brainstorm ways to bridge divides in your own community and create a ripple effect to help heal America. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Brain Power (Daria Tsvenger)

    Restaurant: Credo
    Seats: 12

    Mental Health professional? Neuroscience enthusiast? Passionate about the Brain Power? Then you are at the right place. Vision: nowadays people are used to tracking and optimizing their physical health and performance. Many devices and applications are here for you. It’s amazing! However, we also want to explore available the upcoming technologies that can help us to take care of mental health. Of course, we heard about anxiety, depression and different brain disorders that can dramatically decrease our life satisfaction. Can you imagine that our emotional well-being, memory, attention, concentration can be tracked, trained and managed - the same way we it do with our bodies? Join our conversation!  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Mindfulness and Sleep (Daniel Jin Blum)

    Restaurant: Mission Chinese Food
    Seats: 7

    Mindfulness and sleep are two powerful fundamental components of living fully. Come join the conversation to explore the intersection of mindfulness and sleep, how they influence each other, and how to leverage them to effectively enhance wellbeing. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Is 'Waking Up' Important as Mindful Practitioners? (Charles Johnston)

    Restaurant: Lemonade
    Seats: 12

    I wish to discuss what we think enlightenment/waking up is. Also, is enlightenment the same as waking up? If we are awake what now? And will living mindfully wake us up or does it just increase our emotional and spiritual intelligence? Or will living mindfully, just give us a stronger way to share our waking up experiences if we have them? View Dinner Here >>>

  • Sales without Selling (Blair DeLaubenfels)

    Restaurant: Jeanne D'Arc
    Seats: 7

    Relationships are first and foremost for most businesses. This group discussion will focus on how to build customer loyalty through kindness as a business model. I've spoken on this topic at conferences around the world and would love to hear other perspectives and ideas around making sales without seeing others as targets or quotas. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Spicy Wisdom (Anita Kumari)

    Restaurant: New Delhi Restaurant
    Seats: 10-20

    Will discuss the importance of happiness for fulfillment in every area of life, how to sustain happiness no matter what life brings. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness (Ambrosia Moonstone-Harwood)

    Restaurant: The Daily Grill
    Seats: 10

    I would like to facilitate a discussion on the benefits of practicing mindfulness and how we can integrate it into our daily lives, both personal and professional. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Souls Having a Human Experience, Now What?! (Alex Cary + Andrea Sholer)

    Restaurant: Osha Thai Embarcadero
    Seats: 8

    Yeah, yeah, we all "get it". We are divine beings in a physical world, but how do we each really use that knowledge day-to-day? What are your favorite tools for rising up the SOUL LINE while pursuing your dreams on the goal line? How do you keep yourself centered in your own loving when society is pushing the "I'm upset because..." paradigm? How do you maintain the altitude of a bigger-picture vision when fear-mongering fills the airwaves? At this dinner a couple of USM grads want to connect with you about your favorite resources for nurturing your own Inner Wisdom, processing limiting beliefs, and spiritual self-care in this go-go-go world. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Poetry & Practice (Aaron Culich)

    Restaurant: Samovar Tea Lounge
    Seats: 6

    We'll share the ways we've integrated poetry into our mindfulness practices. View Dinner Here >>>