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Unless otherwise noted, participants are responsible for paying for their own meals.

  • Community for Professional Speakers Monique Martineau

    Restaurant: Urban Tavern, Hilton 
    Seats: 8

    Welcome experienced speakers on "wisdom" topics (for corporate, the nonprofit sector, conferences, etc) who would like to hang out with like-hearted peers. Many of us work independently yet enjoy connecting with others who share a passion for "wisdom solutions" to resolve modern-day challenges. Examples of wisdom solutions are conscious leadership, the triple bottom line, well-being, conflict resolution, etc. It's fun to meet virtually before the conference by way of group email introductions, so I'll start one when we fill up. We may even create an ongoing virtual community! (This is an alcohol-free, mindful meal.)  View Dinner Here >>>

  • What Is Your Impossible Dream? Lisa Berkovitz

    Restaurant: Oren's Hummus
    Seats: 7

    We have so many influences telling us constantly that we can't follow our greatest dreams and make a great living. What if we CAN, and are MEANT to? This is an open and inspired space to explore: if you had all the time, money and support in the world, what would you do?  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Transformative Tech and Oxygen for 2050 Tommi Ullgrén and Sari Stenfors

    Restaurant: Mission Rock Resort
    Seats: 14

    Our dinner celebration happens on year 2050 when we as humankind have solved major challenges related to protecting nature and stopping climate change. You’ll arrive through a time travel portal - bring your open mind together with items and ideas that supported this mutual effort in 2020, 2030 or 2040. We will have open space groups and discuss benevolent AI, healing planet with technology, transformative entrepreneurship with net-positive impact and evolution of consciousness related to them. Be the Change. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Social Impact Entrepreneurship: Starting-up with Wisdom Shawna Maryanovich

    Restaurant: Delancey Street Restaurant
    Seats: 15

    Starting-up a business is unusually demanding and often technology-intensive. Bringing about an organization fundamentally grounded in transformative social impact overlays a unique opportunities. What does it mean to start-up a business with "Wisdom"? How do founders stay "wise" in the process?  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Energy Healing Traditions: Is There a Common Underlying Truth? | Leonard Shen

    Restaurant: Matador
    Seats: 8

    From faith healing to acupuncture, Qi gong to Reiki, Shamanism, voodoo—the list goes on where peoples around the world have developed countless traditions for healing with energy and spirituality. But is there a Common Underlying Truth behind these? Join us to share key philosophies and techniques and identify commonalities across the world’s energy healing traditions. Validation and best practice sharing can strengthen your practice and build your network across multiple healing modalities. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Sharing Stories From the Brink Stephen Sloan

    Restaurant: Shalimar
    Seats: 6

    Bring a story from your own adventures at the edge. “I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.” -- Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano Of course, we'll also share and synthesize what we've gained at the conference.  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Mindfulness in Dating Sarvenaz Zand

    Restaurant: Roy's Restaurant
    Seats: 10

    Mindfulness in dating starts with having a grounded sense of self, and getting clear on what we are calling into our lives. It is approaching dating in a conscious and proactive manner, being discerning and setting boundaries, and maintaining equanimity in the face of rejection. Mindful dating balances a thoughtful approach with play, open-mindedness, and surrender to the adventure of life. Discussion points: - Can we be discerning and intentional, while remaining playful and open-minded? - Do our perceptions stay grounded in the face of strong physical attraction? - How do we energetically put out there what we want to self-manifest, while simultaneously trusting and surrendering to the mystery of our life journey? View Dinner Here >>>

  • Compassionate Leadership: Putting It Into Action Laura Berland and Evan Harrel

    Restaurant: Saha
    Seats: 16

    In a survey of 1,000 leaders published in Harvard Business Review, 80% said they would like to enhance their compassion, but don't know how. Together, let's explore practices, shared experiences, and roadblocks to leading with compassion. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Online Courses and Communities: What's Working? Stacey Marvel

    Restaurant: E&O Kitchen
    Seats: 8

    Online courses and communities focused on personal growth, wellness, and spirituality have boomed in recent years. This dinner is an invitation for those working to design and deliver truly transformational online programs to share our discoveries, best practices, and innovative ideas. What's working? What are our biggest challenges? What's next? View Dinner Here>>>

  • Introducing Mindfulness at your Workplace Lucie-Anne Fabien

    Restaurant: New Delhi Indian Restaurant
    Seats: 18

    If you work in an organization and are considering implementing mindfulness in your place, come and meet those who have done this before! View Dinner Here >>>

  • Digital Wellness Interventions and CollaborationsAnna Lomanowska

    Restaurant: Colibri (Mexican Bistro)
    Seats: 20

    Calling all digital wellness professionals... speakers, authors, app builders, educators, founders, event planners and more. Let's dine together and share best practices, greatest challenges, and key interventions in our efforts to enhance human relationships and well-being through technology-life balance. Do we solve the ill-effects of tech with tech? If so, how? How do we increase the quality of time online while lessening the quantity? What burning question would you like to collaborate on? Our collective minds can help us all remain human in this digital age! View Dinner Here >>>

  • Journeying Inward to Change the World | Mary Kearns

    Restaurant: Urban Tavern, Hilton
    Seats: 7

    We will gather to talk about various ways in which we can manifest positive change in the world through meditation, visualization, journeying, and spiritual alchemy. Participants will share their thoughts, experiences, hopes, and dreams on how inner work can help make the world a better place, and shift the trajectory of the current timeline to a more beneficial one for all beings. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Decolonizing Together ~ POC Affinity Refuge Kirthi Nath

    Restaurant: Oakland-based Residence
    Seats: 8

    Let's gather as POC who are curious and committed to decolonizing our own hearts as we be sacred warriors in this world. We can connect via a shared meditation experience and a vegetation feast. Love and laughter encouraged. Holding each other in grief invited. And also, let's explore as BIPOC how to be in joy together! People who have a spiritual practice encourage... this is space for you!  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Professional Wisdom Magda Capellao Kaspary

    Restaurant: Tratto 
    Seats: 12

    How might one relate to her/his work? How might we signify or re-signify our work? How might our work become a source of wisdom? View Dinner Here >>>

  • Advancing Women's Leadership Through Embodiment Practice | LeeAnn Mallorie

    Restaurant: Hakkasan
    Seats: 9

    Most leadership training and mentorship programs aimed at advancing women focus heavily on two areas: increasing industry knowledge and developing leadership-relevant skills. Yet the vast majority of promotions come as a result of more subtle leadership characteristics like presence, inspiration, and business instinct. This dinner & dialog event for professional women will focus on translating embodiment and mindfulness practice to concrete leadership behaviors that pay dividends for even senior women at work. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Developing Wise Leadership for the Future Karen and Richard Buckley

    Restaurant: Cafe Claude
    Seats: 10

    Join us for a vital conversation around cultivating conscious and wise leaders for the future we face. A lot of what's available today is based on what worked in the past. Systemic issues like eco-system collapse and biodiversity extinction require a new kind of leadership embedded in the diversity of community. We'll discover together what is missing and discuss what we've each found to be best practices and approaches for developing leadership in ourselves and others. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: Successes and Challenges Pierre Khawand

    Restaurant:  Cafe to La Press
    Seats: 12

    The topic is to create an enriching discussion about how can mindfulness be beneficial in a work setting and how can it go beyond meditation and yoga practices into impacting the thinking and decision making throughout the workday, and impacting the business culture. The participants are encouraged to share thoughts, insights, success stories, and challenges that they learned from along the way. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Mindful Exit for Founders and Next Step | Kwiri Yang

    Restaurant: Tratto
    Seats: 6

    Founder's journey is challenging. It is even challenging to go through the exit journey as you are going through an experience that no one really teaches you how to prepare for. There are pains, numbness and uncertainties involved. It's like a breakup, seperation and a divorce. Something that all Founders experience when you exit. Successful or not, the journey is similar. We gather to discuss how mindfulness and consciousness space can help navigate this journey. Recommended for founders who have made exits or are going through or thinking of an exit at the moment. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Mind Over Money Leisa Peterson

    Restaurant:  E and O Kitchen and Bar
    Seats: 7

    Money is a loaded subject. No matter where we sit on the continuum of “enough,” our relationship to money can be challenging. Awareness of our thoughts about money can ease tension and allow us to be more creative in all areas of life. Let's discuss ways to have a more mindful relationship with money. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Psychedelics and Ceremonies of Healing | Mellody Hayes

    Restaurant: Liholiho Yacht Club
    Seats: 6

    I would like to talk about the role of ritual in cultural processes of transformation and how communities are spiritual and cultural containers for transformation. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Wisdom for the Modern Day Long-Term Relationship | Tina Sriskandarajah

    Restaurant: Uva Enoteca
    Seats: 8

    Relationships are complicated. Add in today's fast-paced, super connected, and choice-overloaded dynamics and where do two people start when building a long-term relationship? We want to explore people's stories and insights on how to make a long-term relationship work. How do you talk about compromises, dreams, finances, play, etc. Whether you're married, divorced, or single, we welcome your wisdom as we piece together advice for the modern day couple.  View Dinner Here >>>

  • Addiction or Distraction: The Value of Unplugging Kim Cavallo

    Restaurant: La Roxanne Cafe
    Seats: 12

    Let's put our phones away and celebrate together the close of the 11th annual National Day of Unplugging 2020 (March 6-7). We know so much more about the harm of too much screen time and yet, what are we doing about it? At this dinner the conversation will move from discussing personal wellness habits to exploring how the act of unplugging adds value to global conversations like energy conservation and the reverse digital divide. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Fostering a culture of organizational well-being Peter Weng

    Restaurant: Hawker Fare
    Seats: 24

    Lightly facilitated discussion groups on best practices, successes, and failures around creating a culture of well-being in organizations. Seating with be at tables of 10-12 people each to allow for more in-depth conversation at each table. Healthy Minds Innovations (HMI) is a 501c3 non-profit affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison which translates the contemplative neuroscience discoveries of the Center for Healthy Minds into practical tools to cultivate and measure well-being. HMI will have facilitators at each table to help lightly facilitate the conversations and try to ensure each participant gets a chance to introduce themselves and share. The intent is for collective discussion to explore how we support the development of well-being in organizations. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Exploring the Meaning & Impact of Consciousness Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone

    Restaurant: Amaya Indian Restaurant
    Seats: 15

    Join us for a riveting evening discussion about Consciousness, Purpose and how both relate to our everyday lives. Are you living your life’s purpose and what are the distinctions between a career you may love and living your life’s purpose? What stops us from stepping into our purpose and living our passion? What stops us from speaking our truth without fear or resistance? (difference between claiming “”this is true” versus “this is my truth). Western Psychology is the science of the Ego. If you believe in a Consciousness, do you trust that you are guided - or do you think it is all up to you to make things happen? Where does Consciousness come from? Is Consciousness located in the brain - or somewhere else? How do you access universal Consciousness? (Awareness - mindfulness- meditation - transcendental experiences- wake-up call - near death experiences) What is the difference between the Soul and Consciousness? Does Consciousness exist after death? In quantum thinking, they assert that classical mechanics cannot explain Consciousness the way scientists have defined it for years. There is increasing evidence that Consciousness is something we can access outside of space and time as we know it in our linear reality. View Dinner Here >>>

  • The Neuroscience of MindfullnessTony Saccardi

    Restaurant: New Delhi Indian Restaurant
    Seats: 18

    With the impact of neuroscience mindfulness is getting more and more secular and opens up to all kinds of people from athletes to executives to atheists… Join us for a dynamic and engaging discussion on how science supports the benefits of mindfulness and how it compares to our own personal experience. We’ll talk in layman terms about neuroplasticity, how different meditation types affect different parts of the brain and what we wish science would back up. We’ll touch on what it means that mindfulness is being separated from its origins. What are we losing and what are we gaining? If you are interested in the neuroscience of mindfulness come and join us. No previous knowledge necessary, the only prerequisite is to come with an open mind and curiosity. View Dinner Here >>>

  • Retreats and Spiritual AdventuresJay Chodagam

    Restaurant: Thai Idea
    Seats: 12

    A gathering for ideating and sharing experiences about retreats and spiritual adventures that deeply nurture the soul and body. Suitable for both retreat providers and participants, let's envision getaways that are most fulfilling. View Dinner Here >>>