Join us for Sunday Intensives March 8th!

Take a deep dive into two topics the day after Wisdom 2.0! To purchase an Intensive Only Ticket, see below.

The Inner Work of Global Well-Being: Exploring Collective Identity, Racial Justice and Climate Action for a Better Tomorrow

with Dr. Dan Siegel, Rhonda Magee and Soren Gordhamer

What is the relationship between our own inner experience and the immense global issues we are facing, such as climate change? Do they have something in common?

What are the challenges of our times asking each one of us -- separately and together? Join us for a day to explore how the external events of our age, from issues of social justice to climate change, are inviting each one of us to better understand our internal world and what our unique role and contribution is in the world today as we embrace the reality of interconnection in our personal and planetary lives.

This will be an interactive day, with embodied practices, talks, discussions and small group dialogues. We will look at how our individual identity is also part of a collective identity, and how we each hold important clues as to how we can consciously move forward in this next important chapter of civilization.

Cultivate Energy and Consciousness for Healing and Awakening

with Mingtong Gu

Qigong connects the mind with the body and awakens us to the fullness and inter-connectiveness within and around us — imperative to balancing our busy and stressful lives lived mostly in our heads. In this workshop, Master Mingtong Gu will guide you on an experiential path uniting consciousness and energy—a union he calls “energy wisdom”.

You’ll experience the powerful ancient practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong, which combines mindful movement, sound, visualization, and meditation to reconnect mind, body, heart, and spirit with an abundant flow of life energy. Through meditative movement, pure consciousness practices, sound healing technologies, and direct transmissions from Master Mingtong you will explore Qigong for emotional alchemy, embodied healing, and spiritual awakening.

Qigong is a very potent energy healing modality you can use yourself that can complement and enhance any other meditation, energy practice, or spiritual tradition you choose. It is unique in holding embodiment as a goal, as opposed to transcendence as a way to reinstate the powerful, natural connection between your physical existence and your intangible essence.

During this workshop with Master Mingtong Gu, you’ll discover:

  • Why healing, transformation and awakening are the foundations for your life — and the two legs you need to move forward in your spiritual development
  • How to see things as they truly are, without placing any concept or judgment between yourself and the essence of existence
  • How this ancient practice, which is readily available to us today, addresses the root causes of all physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalance — including illness
  • How to use movements to open energy flow in the 3 key areas of your body — shoulders, hips, and spine, to reduce stress and increase energy flow for health and healing
  • How to use sound to awaken your deepest energy to release physical, emotional and mental stress, and realize your pure essence
  • How sound can transform your fear to power, worry to confidence, anger to courage and sadness to compassion
  • How sound and meditation can open your heart and purify your mind to experience true freedom and happiness in your life How Qigong works as an essential key for longevity, preventive health care, as well as for transforming chronic conditions

For Mintong Gu, "Everything is the expression of a single pure energy. All we must do is continuously come back to this state of oneness, and through this practice we also heal ourselves." Join us for this unique and powerful day.